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5 Things I Learned About Aging From My Dogs

DOGS-largeA Chocolate Labrador Retriever mix, named Hershey (what else could we name her??), who is now 13 years old is a valued part of our household. She is slowing down in these later years and finds sleeping under our dining room table or coffee table, or even in our closet to be her bedroom of choice. Hershey has been the playmate of our grandchildren, our neighborhood kids, and a trusted companion for my wife and me. Ann Brenhoff, a prolific and excellent writer and dog lover, lists 5 things she has learned from her dogs, however I feel she could easily have doubled or more the lessons she has learned. I know that I could! From learning over and over that even when body parts hurt, it’s always good to let your loved ones know you are happy to see them to realizing anew that it doesn’t get much better than long walks with a friend, Brenhoff describes the wonderful companionship of a loving pet. Do you have a special relationship with a dog, a cat, or other animal who brings joy to your life?  If you do, go give that special friend a hug right now!

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