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Long Term Care Planning

Understanding Long Term Care

Great news: Americans are living longer! Have you planned for your future or that of your aging parents or grandparents? When you live a long life, there is a very high risk that you will need some form of long term care. We are here to help you understand the impact that living longer will have on your income so you can live comfortably in your golden years.

First, We Start With Your Plan

Our three-part long term care planning process is designed to help you answer 3 major questions:

  1. What Is Your Plan For The Long Term?
  2. What Will It Cost?
  3. How Will You Afford It?

During the planning process, we show you how to plan for the future through:


During the education phase of long term care planning, we will not only listen to you, but we will also educate you and ask questions so that you can educate us on your unique needs and concerns. In this two-way conversation, we will discover your real personal and financial risks and help you get an idea of where you stand, which will allow us to establish a set of goals.


Once we discover your need for long term care, together we will create a plan to include the type and scope of care needed to achieve your long term goals, keeping in mind that we can adjust it along the way at each life stage. The key to creating a plan is that you will be able to have a written record that defines the roles that loved ones will play in your care as well as assigned duties to professional caregivers.


At the heart of planning for the long term is determining your income, investment and retirement resources needed to fund your plan. We will take into account disability, health insurance and Medicare and coverages, as well as the possible use of Medicaid assistance. We will also review your overall retirement and estate plans and discuss self-funding or family-funding options.

Only after careful listening and planning, will we make recommendations for long term care insurance from our wide range of providers.

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